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Spoonwood Pond, Nelson, NH

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We are a vibrant, growing dental service organization that is transforming dental health care and providing dentists opportunities to serve our communities at practices across New England.

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Learn more about who we are, what we stand for, and how we work together.

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With all we do, we’re here to ensure that you can focus on caring for people.

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Spoonwood Pond is the first body of water in its watershed, meaning it flows into many other lakes and ponds, from nearby Nubanusit Lake all the way to the Atlantic Ocean at Gloucester, MA. Similarly, Spoonwood Dental Partners has a positive ripple effect in many ways—with support flowing from Spoonwood Dental Partners to our local practices, from our clinicians and staff to our patients, and from us throughout our communities. Good oral health also has a ripple effect on a person’s overall health and well-being. As we provide high-quality care to ensure their wellness, we know our patients are the source of our success.

We’re here to help you do your best work

Whether you’re pursuing new professional opportunities or in need of support through a dental practice sale, Spoonwood Dental Partners is here to help. Spoonwood Dental Partners provides you with the logistical support you need in order to focus on caring for your patients and your community effectively, with integrity and compassion. We are dedicated to ensuring uncompromising, ethical, high-quality, team-based care that is focused on prevention, in a collaborative and family-friendly environment.

Get out and grow

Our part of the world is filled with opportunities for recreation and adventure.

Creating safe spaces

Making the patients feel comfortable and safe, at any age, is important to us.

Finding your team

Our Human Resources staff is here to assist in building the best team around you.


Innovation is important for both patient care and staff growth.

A place where you can live your best life

We see our New England setting, amid mountains and waterways in the Lakes Region and Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, as a strength. At Spoonwood Dental Partners, we provide dentists opportunities that allow you to work and live in balance, because enjoying your life should be one of the rewards of a job well done.