Providing continuity in excellent dental care for people in the Gilford region

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Spoonwood Dental Partners, a local dental support organization based in Keene, New Hampshire, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Dr. Mark Horvath’s dental practice in Gilford, New Hampshire.

“We’re very excited to be working with Mark and his staff to provide continuity in excellent dental care for people in the Gilford region,” said Dr. Jay Raynor of Spoonwood Dental Partners. “As he moves into the next phase of his life after years of caring for this community, Dr. Horvath can rest assured that we will continue to uphold his high standards, while adding new  services and technology, all delivered by the same skilled, friendly staff they know and trust.”

Spoonwood Dental Partners acquired Gilford Dental on January 31, 2019. The practice joins other Spoonwood-owned practices in New Hampshire, including Raynor Dental in Keene and Peterborough. Dr. Horvath’s current patients will continue to receive the same high-quality patient care they have come to expect. Patients can contact the office at (603) 524-7677 with questions or to schedule an appointment, and new patients are always welcome.

UPDATE, February 1, 2021: Two years after the transition of Dr. Mark Horvath’s practice to Gilford Dental, the practice has retained nearly all of its original employees. Gilford Dental, which is adding an average of 30 new patients per month, has made significant technological investments, upgrading its x-ray sensors and intraoral camera, and has created a virtual office space complete with camera and microphone. The practice has also modernized the vacuum system from a wet to a dry system, added an air purification system (iWave-C), upgraded the water pump, and installed extra electrical switches so that equipment in the mechanical room can be controlled from the front desk.

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